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In 2015 the New Mexico Association of REALTORS® revived the State Political Coordinator (SPC) program with the goal of having a New Mexico REALTOR® assigned to all 112 New Mexico Legislators.  Modeled after NAR’s Federal Political Coordinator (FPC) program, it is designed to increase the New Mexico Association of REALTORS® influence with the state lawmakers by creating a network of REALTORS® who have a professional or personal relationship with the State Representative and/or Senator or wish to establish one.




November 7 – November 28

Recruitment for all unassigned elected Legislators

Dec. 15 – Jan. 14, 2019

SPCs Registered as Volunteer Lobbyists

SPC Conference Call/Webinar/Email (tbd) to review lobbyist procedures,

REALTORS® priorities & proposed bills, etc.

January 15

NM Legislative Session Starts at Noon

January 24

REALTOR® Day at the Legislature

  • Rally at La Fonda – 9 a.m.
  • Rotunda Event – 10 a.m.
  • Legislator Office Visits

March 16, 2019

Legislative Session Ends at Noon


  1. Must be a member of the New Mexico Association of REALTORS®
  2. Must be a contributor to RPAC-NM
  3. Application filled out and submitted (see SPC Application)
  4. Be willing to serve a term that corresponds to the elected term of their assigned official
  5. Participate in training session/conference call/webinar (date tbd)
  6. Meet all the “responsibilities” of the SPC (see State Political Coordinator Responsibilities)
  7. Become a registered volunteer lobbyist. New Mexico law requires all persons attempting to influence legislation on behalf of an organization to register.  The New Mexico Association of REALTORS® will provide SPCs with the proper applications and will submit the applications on behalf of the applicants to the New Mexico Secretary of State’s office.



An application will be made available at www.nmrealtor.com to any New Mexico Association of REALTORS® member who wishes to apply.   The program will be announced via the email and social media as needed.  Members of the Legislative and RPAC-NM committees also will be notified and encouraged to apply and/or to help recruit SPCs.  An application must be filled out and returned to the Government Affairs Director (GAD).  The Legislative Committee chair will review all applications and make appointments. A SPC may be assigned to more than one Legislator.  Our goal is to eventually have one NM Association of REALTORS® member assigned to each of the 112 legislators.  New Mexico Association of REALTORS® encourages any member to apply.  In assigning a SPC to a Legislator, the criteria below will be considered but aren’t necessarily the only factors:

  1. Relationship with the legislator – Does the applicant have a professional or personal relationship with the legislator?
  2. Constituency – Does SPC applicant live in Legislator’s district?
  3. Proximity – Does applicant live in the same city or county as the Legislator?
  4. Experience – Has the applicant been involved in the legislative process before?
  5. Members of the New Mexico Association of REALTORS® Legislative Committees and RPAC-NM Trustees will be given priority consideration is Legislator assignments.



According to updated information from the New Mexico Secretary of State (SOS), accepting a stipend, mileage or per diem changes the status of a SPC from “volunteer” to “compensated”.  This has a significant impact for the New Mexico Association of REALTORS® and SPCs.   A $50 registration fee is required for a compensated lobbyist and a compensated lobbyist must file reports several times each election cycle.  As a result, a stipend no longer will be offered.  Volunteer lobbyists will not have to submit any reports.  Any expenses associated with traveling to Santa Fe or in the execution of SPC duties will be the responsibility of the SPC.



A State Political Coordinator’s (SPC) most valuable contribution to the New Mexico Association of REALTORS® is the relationship developed with each Member of the New Mexico Legislature. In addition to regular contact with the assigned Member of the Legislature, there are several specific tasks that are required to fulfill the role of SPC:

  1. Respond to All RANM Calls for Action — SPCs are expected to respond to ALL NMAR Calls for Action they receive via email and by personally contacting their assigned Legislator. As the New Mexico Association of REALTORS® key REALTOR® communicators with the New Mexico Legislature, SPCs are looked upon as leaders by their REALTOR® colleagues and should lead by example. After responding to a Call for Action, SPCs should encourage their fellow REALTORS® to do the same. Most Calls for Action will take place while the New Mexico Legislature is in session.
  2. Advocate on Behalf of all REALTORS® and the New Mexico Association of REALTORS® — NMAR takes a non-partisan approach to moving forward legislation that is of benefit and value to all REALTORS®. SPCs must be prepared to remain neutral on the issues, removing their personal bias on the issues to advocate on behalf of the New Mexico Association of REALTORS®-supported issues 100% of the time.
  3. Contact Assigned Member of Legislature Throughout the year. SPCs are encouraged to communicate with their assigned Legislative Member as often as possible. Filing a field report after each meeting alerts the New Mexico Association of REALTORS® (if a check delivery was part of the interaction) that the meeting occurred and follow up may be required.
  4. Have Knowledge of NMAR’s Priority Issues and Be Up-to-Date on Legislative Issues and the Legislative Process — SPCs will be provided with information, but an SPC also should have awareness of the current issues and activities of New Mexico state government.
  5. Contribute to RPAC-NM — Contributions to political candidates is an integral component in the political process and by contributing to RPAC-NM you are validating your commitment as a SPC.
  6. Assist in the Delivery of RPAC-NM Contributions — SPCs will be asked to participate in the delivery of contributions to your assigned Member. Contributions are determined by the RPAC-NM Trustees as needed.
  7. If possible, attend the Annual the New Mexico Association of REALTORS®  Leadership, Legislative and Business Meetings and/or “REALTOR®” at the New Mexico Legislature.  The meetings are held in January in conjunction with the start of the New Mexico Legislative session.  If you cannot attend the entire meeting, you should be in Santa Fe on January 24, 2019 to participate in activities in the State Capitol Building and make personal contact with their Legislator(s).





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