Notice of Vacant RPAC-NM Trustee Positions

||Notice of Vacant RPAC-NM Trustee Positions

Notice of Vacant RPAC-NM Trustee Positions

May 10, 2016 (Santa Fe, NM) – In accordance with RPAC-NM Bylaws, this message serves as official notification of upcoming vacancies for RPAC-NM Trustee positions. Be advised four (4) RPAC-NM Trustee terms will end on December 31, 2017. The terms of those Trustees and the Districts they represent are shown below.

Note that all current Trustees whose terms expire at the end of this year are eligible for a second 3-year term. In accordance with the selection procedures spelled out below, current Trustees seeking another term must apply.

Name District Eligible for Another Term?
Coleen Dearing Northeast Yes
Lela Holmes Northwest Yes
Damon Maddox Central Yes
Open Central

The District Selection Committees from the Northeast, Northwest and Central Districts will need to follow the procedures shown below.


ARTICLE VI – District Selection Committees
There shall be five District Selection Committees, one for each district, comprised of at least one RPAC-NM Committee member from each member Board within that district, the District Vice President as a voting ex-officio member, but in no event less than three members shall serve on each Selection Committee. The President of each member Board shall appoint the Committee member for a two-year term, with Member Board ratification. The District Selection Committees shall meet separately and shall review all applicants for Trustee positions, including the input from Member Boards and shall select the Trustees to service on the Board representing that district. The Selection Committees shall maintain a list of the names of all applicants who meet the minimum qualifications as designated in the RPAC-NM Policies in the event a vacancy needs to be filled in the future.

Application Procedures for Trusteeships (please note deadlines)

  • On or before May 15 – The CEO of RANM shall notify the RANM District Vice-Presidents, the RPAC-NM Trustees, Member Board presidents and Member Board executive officers of any vacant trusteeships and shall solicit applications. In addition, the RANM CEO shall place a notice in the official publication of RANM to notify members of the pending vacancies. A fillable application form is attached and also is available on the RANM website.
  • June 15 – Applicants must submit their Application Forms for a Trustee position to the Member Board president on or before June 15 of the calendar year.
  • June 30 – The Member Board president shall forward all Application Forms in their entirety to the (District) Vice President so that they are received by that District Vice President no later than June 30.
  • July 1 to July 31 – Each District Selection Commission shall meet to review (the applicants). The Committee shall then select the applicant.
  • August 1 – No later than August 1 of the calendar year, the Chair of each District Selection Committee shall forward the names of the selected applicants to the RPAC-NM Trustees.

If you have any questions, contact David Oakeley.

Thank you.

M. Steven Anaya

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