The NMAR REALTOR® Growth and Involvement Program

Due to Covid-19 the NMAR 2020 Growth and Involvement Program has been postponed to 2021. Keep an eye on the NMAR calendar for dates. Class members will receive direct communications from NMAR about class dates and times.

Become an effective volunteer in your REALTOR® Association!

Two thousand and twenty (2020) is the third session of this NMAR program. Graduates from the first two programs include NMAR Officers, District Vice Presidents, Committee Chairs and Members, Member Board Officers and Directors, and Committee Members.

This program is designed to build your volunteer skills while giving you an insight into the REALTOR® organization at the local, state, and national levels – and explain how they interrelate and work together. Participants will gain confidence, leadership skills, and motivation to become more involved in their local and state associations of REALTORS®.

The Program is open to NMAR Members and Member Board Association Executives and is designed to increase participants’ awareness of real estate and association management issues/challenges, and teach problem-solving activities that can be used to improve our association and our industry. Step up and make an impact! Your journey to be a part of the next generation of REALTOR® movers, shakers, and leaders begins when you complete and submit the application.

A maximum of 12-18 individuals will be selected to participate in the program. Participants will be chosen by the NMAR Growth and Involvement Committee members based on the information supplied in the following application, including a track record of volunteer performance for their local association and/or civic organizations, and a desire to grow in their REALTOR® volunteer activities.

The goal of this Program is to train NMAR members to serve in leadership positions at their Member Board and at the state association. Be sure to check with your local association, as they may be willing to pay all or part of your tuition costs if you are accepted to the program.

Download the Growth & Involvement Overview (PDF flier)

Troy Briggs – Ruidoso/Lincoln County
Daniel Huberman – Santa Fe
Nancy Kennedy – Greater Albuquerque
Ramona Kilpatrick – Roswell
Mindy Longmire – Roswell
Jenn Cody Martin – Greater Albuquerque
Susan McKee – Roswell
Carrie Montoya-Pegg – Greater Albuquerque
Monica Partridge – Santa Fe
Josh Price – Greater Albuquerque
Jake Roberts – Otero County
Emmary Simpson – Las Cruces
Amparo Usrey – Gallup
Danny Wm. Vigil – Greater Albuquerque

What are people saying about the Program?


Video Testimonials on the NMAR Growth & Involvement Program

James M Russ III – Ruidoso

“…I’ve always wanted to be involved…but it wasn’t until I took the Growth and Involvement class that everything came together and I knew that I could succeed.”

Beth Stephens – Santa Fe

“Growth and Involvement gave me confidence, practice, and the assurance that, ‘I can do this’.”

Parick Hankins – Albuquerque

“Teamwork is the key to success and your team is only as strong as the weakest link. So build yourself up and you’ll build up your team.”

Kriston Roberts – Otero County

“Going into this class, I didn’t know what to expect. What I walked away with is priceless – confidence, a true insight of leadership skills, and lifelong friendships.”

Marcia Tidwell – Roswell

“The program changed my life! It not only encouraged me to become more involved in REALTOR® organization, it also made all aspects of my life better. Everything from work to personal relationships improved.”

Jean Duran – Albuquerque

“The program was beneficial to me personally, to my business, and to my association involvement growth and development”

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