Reprint Policy

Reprint Policy

As a benefit of membership, RANM permits RANM members to reprint material in hard copy or on a Web site or other electronic communication from the public pages of (these pages do not require visitors to enter a username and password for access), provided that the material is not copyright material RANM has quoted from another source (these items will include attribution language such as “used by permission”).

RANM prohibits the reproduction of any content that requires a login without explicit permission from the appropriate RANM department. For questions regarding whether an item is password-protected, please contact RANM.

Content must be reproduced in full. For each item reproduced, the following attribution must be included: Copyright REALTORS® Association of New Mexico. Reprinted with permission.

Members may link from their Web sites

If you have additional questions, please contact RANM CEO M. Steven Anaya at 800-224-2282 or

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