The Choice is YOURS! 

Dear Member,

We are excited to share some important news that addresses your concerns regarding our forms provider. The NMAR Executive Team have been diligently working to find a solution that caters to your needs, and we’re delighted to announce a significant development. Moving forward, brokerages will have the option to choose between two platforms – SkySlope or Transaction Desk/Instanet – as a valuable member benefit, free of charge.

For those who have a preference for Transaction Desk/Instanet, rest assured that you can continue seamlessly without any disruptions to your usual business operations. Similarly, if you have transitioned to SkySlope and wish to remain with them, the choice is entirely yours.

To streamline this process, we kindly request that you indicate your brokerage firm’s chosen platform by September 30. Details on how to communicate your selection to NMAR will be shared shortly, so keep an eye out for those instructions. It’s important to note that while NMAR will maintain its licensing agreement with Zipforms, access to Dotloop and Docusign forms will cease after October 31, 2023. If you are currently using Dotloop or Docusign forms, we encourage you to begin transitioning to either SkySlope, Transaction Desk/Instanet (at no cost), or consider Zipforms if you opt for the paid version.

We sincerely hope that you find this news beneficial. Thank you for your ongoing support and understanding.

Best regards,

NMAR Executive Committee

The time has come for you to tell us which forms provider you prefer!

Kindly submit your Forms Provider Selection by September 30, 2023.

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