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How do members log into SkySlope and access NMAR forms?  

Members will go to SkySlope and create an account with a username and password. Once the account is created, members will need to input their NRDS# for NMAR member verification. If you don’t know your NRDS#, you will be able to search for it on SkySlope. Once membership has been verified, click on “Profile” in the upper right corner. Select the dropdown option of “Associations,” click on “New Mexico,” and add the library to your profile. Once the NMAR forms library has been added to your profile, you will be able to start creating transactions.

Direct Login: Click here to access SkySlope Forms.

Will SkySlope provide training sessions?

Sign up for NMAR Associate Broker Trainings

  • 8/01 – Tuesday, 1 PM MST
  • 8/17 – Thursday, 11 AM MST
  • 8/22 – Tuesday, 11 AM MST
  • 8/24 – Thursday, 1 PM MST
  • 8/29 – Tuesday, 11 AM MST
  • 8/31 – Thursday 1 PM MST

Sign up for NMAR Qualifying Broker Training

  • 8/09 – Wednesday, 1 PM MST

I missed July’s SkySlope Training for QBs. How can I watch it?

Click here to view the SkySlope Training for QBs.


What services will SkySlope provide to NMAR members?

Members will receive the most updated NMAR forms, DigiSign (electronic signature), and Broker tools for Qualifying Brokers, including file sharing, Brokerage templates, and “Super User” status for support staff.

SkySlope also offers 24/7 customer service, and the option to upgrade to Transaction Management, at a discounted rate, to assist Brokerage firms with compliance management. It also has mobile capabilities for Apple users and will launch the Android version shortly.

Will SkySlope populate information from the MLS?  

Yes, members can connect to SkySlope through their local MLS and populate the Listing Brokers’ name, brokerage firm, phone number, email address, license number, MLS # property address, and list price. For documents related to the listing, local MLS(s) will need to work with SkySlope to allow for this integration (additional fees may apply, for which the local MLS will be responsible).

Are you a Qualifying Broker supervising Brokers?  

SkySlope offers Broker Edition as an NMAR benefit. Broker Edition will allow you to share files, create templates, provide staff access to the team, and more. Click here to complete the submission form and SkySlope support will get you started.


Can Brokerage firms retain access to files after an Associate Broker changes brokerage firms?

Through Broker Edition, which is part of the membership benefit, Qualifying Brokers/Brokerages will have access to an Associate Broker’s files while the Associate Broker is with the brokerage. When the Associate Broker leaves the brokerage, the Associate Broker will maintain access to listing/transaction files, but the Qualifying Broker/Brokerage will only have access to the Associate Broker’s files through SkySlope IF the Qualifying Broker/Brokerage has subscribed to SkySlope’s Transaction Management platform (an additional subscription/cost which is not part of the membership benefit). If the Qualifying Broker /Brokerage has not subscribed to SkySlope’s Transaction Management platform, then the Qualifying Broker/Brokerage will need to download the Associate Broker’s files BEFORE the Associate Broker transfers offices; otherwise, the Qualifying Broker/Brokerage will not have access to those files.


Will members have the same tools as provided by Transaction Desk?

The member benefit will include access to NMAR forms, DigiSign (electronic signature), and Broker Edition. The Broker Edition will allow the Qualifying Broker to view Associate Brokers’ transactions, assign “Super User” status to support staff, create templates for the brokerage firm, and more. Remember that SkySlope is a different platform with a slightly different interface than Transaction Desk. Please prepare for a slight learning curve as expected when learning how the new platform operates.

Will NMAR members lose access to Transaction Desk? 

Members will continue to have access to Transaction Desk until August 27th. After August 27th, members will have the option to continue to use Transaction Desk for data storage/access of their files for a fee, or members may choose to purchase the full suite of services for uninterrupted use of all functionality. However, if members decide to continue to use Transaction Desk for NMAR forms and Authentisign, and the Qualifying Broker wants to access their associate brokers’ transactions through  Transaction Desk (opposed to another method), then the Qualifying Broker must purchase Broker Edition. See pricing below. Also note, that after August 27th, NMAR will no longer provide customer support for Transaction Desk; members will need to contact Transaction Desk directly.

If you are transitioning to SkySlope, please download all your current and past transactions via the archive video below. Please do not wait until the last couple days to download your transactions because it will take time to do so, and, again, you will lose access to Transaction Desk files after August 27, 2023. Best practice is to save all your transactions on a different platform and not rely on any software vendors to archive your files.

How do I archive a file on Transaction Desk?

Click here to watch a short video tutorial.


How much will it cost for me to continue with Transaction Desk?

If members decide to continue with Transaction Desk, they will have two options. Members can continue to have access to historical transactions stored on Transaction Desk and access the NMAR forms for $89.00 per year/per broker. If members want to continue to use Transaction Desk for data storage, NMAR forms, and AuthentiSign, it will cost $159.00 per year/per broker. If a Qualifying Broker wants to access their associate brokers’ transactions through Transaction Desk (opposed to another method), then the Qualifying Broker would need to purchase Broker Edition, which is being offered at a 30% discount. Pricing depends on the number of associate brokers under the Qualifying Brokers’ license. (See below.) NMAR will continue to forward new/revised forms to Transaction Desk. NMAR recommends that members who wish to continue with Transaction Desk wait until the pop-ups appear to gain the special pricing negotiated by NMAR which should start July 31st. 

This pricing below replaces the $159/per agent per year. In other words, if the Qualifying Broker purchases the Broker Edition, then the total price to the Qualifying Broker and all associate brokers under that Qualifying Broker’s license is set forth below.

5 agents: $1,050–$1,400/year
10 agents: $1,400–$1,750/year
25 agents: $2,100–$2,800/year
50 agents: $3,500–$4,550/year


Will Dotloop and/or Docusign Forms continue to have access to NMAR Forms?

NMAR Forms will no longer be available through Dotloop or Docusign Forms (not signing platform) after October 31, 2023. After this date, it will be a violation of NMAR’s Copyright for Docusign Forms or Doptloop to use NMAR Forms or to allow members to upload NMAR Forms onto their platforms. Further, it will constitute a violation of NMAR Policy for any NMAR member to upload NMAR Forms to Docusign Forms and/or Dotloop after October 31, 2023. Violations of NMAR Policy may result in sanctions and/or disciplinary action.

How can I learn more about SkySlope’s Broker Edition and transaction management suite?

This PDF explains the levels of SkySlope services available. 

Sign up for a demo.

Click here to upgrade to the Broker Edition.

Click here to register for an on-demand SkySlope Webinar and download the Quickstart Guide. 

For general support assistance and questions, contact SkySlope Support at
If you have specific questions, please contact Nicole Hammes at 505.467.6313 or

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